Best-in-class software teams from the Philippines

Companies are embracing software development outsourcing to gain immediate access to technical expertise and take advantage of cost-efficiencies.

But not all software companies are created equal.

Winning is everything. At Innerworks, it’s the only thing. We stay focused on delivering strategic value to your business.

We’ve managed end-to-end application software development projects for global clients. We specialize in Microsoft NET technology and platforms, but we’ve also developed with Java and its related technologies such as Struts, Spring MVC and Hibernate.

Some of our projects include:
– a human resource information system and payroll solution integrated with biometric systems, built for a construction company
– reverse-engineering and development of a web-based fully integrated hospital solution and Enterprise Resource Planning system
– a Laboratory Information Management System that enables water analysis and reporting, inventory control and cost monitoring
– a web portal for a pharmaceutical company
– a website for a consumer packaged food company

Visit our Case Studies for a list of our happy customers and projects we’ve done with them.

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